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Ever wonder what it feels like to be in Autzen Stadium on a Saturday, in the fall, in the middle of 54,000 screaming fans as the Ducks rip the beating heart out of their opponent? It feels a lot like this. We created this hype vid to tap into the powerful Oregon football experience and serve as the Venus flytrap that sucked users into our Gridiron interactive site.

When it comes to football the Ducks don’t mess around. After touring their brand new and mind blowing football-training facilities it’s impossible not to feel sorry for everyone else slinging the pigskin at the collegiate level. We decided the best way to get Oregon the exposure they were looking for with recruits was to throw open the doors of their new shrine to football in the form of a jaw dropping interactive experience.

Oregon Gridiron: Interactive Recruiting Experience

14 days before the Heisman ceremony was scheduled to go down, Oregon asked us to do up a full blown editorial site in honor their star quarterback Marcus Mariota, incase he brought home the bronze statue. Our love for the ducks clouded our better judgment and we said yes. 13 days and 7 hours later we delivered on our promise and threw the site live the second Mariota was named the victor.

Mahalo Marcus: Interactive Editorial

When you’re at the top of the college football pyramid nobody gives a damn about your basketball team. Which is why the U of O hit us up to turn that tide and park more asses in seats of Matthew Knight Arena. In response we dreamt up the United We Ball campaign and heavily blanketed the Northwest with print, posters, OOH and shot a few spots you may have accidently watched on ESPN.

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