Powder Mountain

Multiyear campaigns (Print, OOH, Film) for the biggest and best ski resort nobody knows about.

Our second year goals were pretty simple: Avoid pissing the locals off any further by blabbing about their secret stash spots. We launched the “Paid for By Powder Mountain Locals” campaign that warned tourists not only to stay away from the precious Pow Mow powder, but that failure to do so could mean confronting the grimmest of consequences. The reverse psychology worked to drive up visits and kept us off the local’s shit list.

When it comes to winter vintage, few things are a more iconic than the heavy knit sweater, so we decided to dust off Cliff Huxtable’s attic-bound attire and stretch it across every billboard we could get our hands on for our “Same as it Ever Was” campaign. Reminding shredders that Pow Mow keeps it old school, these boards reeled in every skier and boarder sick of destination resorts brimming with manicures and martinis.

As part of the “As Big As It Gets” campaign we shot 10 web spots featuring things like Al Roker, ginger Alpacas, military parades, stuffed lion heads and fire breathing eaglealopes. By far the best time I’ve ever had on a shoot.

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